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We are in need of a GFX Designer(s)
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Greetings to all! As the topic says, the site is in dire need of a GFX designer(s). Should you apply any time now, you will most likely be accepted given that you show the capabilities of GFX designing. Did I forget to mention that your position will be that of an Admin? So what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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 Legend - The Regalia Titerra

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PostSubject: Legend - The Regalia Titerra   Sat Mar 08, 2014 7:31 pm

The Regalia Titerra, otherwise known as "The Colossal Earth". Made of pure magical granite that can smash even the hardest of diamonds. The axe's presence causes the gravity around it to increase, and with a single swing causes the ground to tremble. It is said that King Darkan, after unleashing all of his strength in an attempt to defeat the Immortal Titus, managed to draw out Titerra's true power. Legends say that when at it's full power, a single swing of the axe can cause the entire landscape's geography to change. The Regalia was kept away by King Darkan in a secret location hidden within his kingdom. Nobody knows for sure where it sleeps, but legends say that those who have found it and were deemed unworthy, were crushed to death by the overwhelming pressure from standing in its presence and the dust of their bodies sank back into the earth of Heraclia...
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Legend - The Regalia Titerra
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