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 The Dragon and the Moon

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PostSubject: The Dragon and the Moon   Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:25 am

As the castle halls illuminate beams from the windows under the moonlight, Ryu walked as calm and composed as he always was. Lines of Lunarian soldiers filled the castle in every corner, wizards staring at the Dragon Emperor walk the halls of Castle Eira as if he was the most dangerous threat they had ever seen; and they were right. Just as a Lunarian general attempted to stop Ryu for a body inspection, the general had found himself crashing onto the ground from a simple push to his shoulder. It was here when all the soldiers became alarmed and almost launched an attack until Ryu spoke.

"A lowly mongrel such as yourself doesn't deserve to stand against me. Who are you to order me?" He says staring at the fallen general who is now sweating in fear. "Know your place." Ryu adds as he advances even further to the point he is staring eye to eye with the Lunarian King.

"It seems you have the old habit of considering yourself absolute Ryu." Says the Lunarian King, whom is sitting on the throne yet is covered by the shadows of the night.

"I am absolute." Ryu says calmly. "You yourself know since we were children that I have never lost in anything I have taken part in." He adds.

"I do." Says the Lunarian King smiling. "I apologize for leaving earlier..."

"It's fine." Ryu interrupts. "Regarding our ceasefire, it seems your people have mistaken it for an alliance." He adds.

"I find the word alliance more pleasing to the ears of the people than ceasefire." The Lunarian King says chuckling.

"Hmph, whatever the case I will agree to the ceasefire. I have my hands busy with an important internal matter and you have a problem handling the Heraclian and Solarian forces, so I think this would do us both some good." Ryu says calmly.

"Then I shall have the treaty ready for you tomorrow, till then please do rest in this beautiful castle." The Lunarian King says opening his arms.

"What else do you want?" Ryu says expecting something.

"Sharp as ever." Laughs the Lunarian King. "You see...I have been quite occupied with our war front against Heraclia that my kingdom may very lose the war front against Solaria. It seems Solaria has sent one of their foremost warriors into the front lines and has been tipping the scales ever since." He adds.

"And you want me to...assist you?" Ryu says sounding amused.

"Are you making fun of such an idea?" The Lunarian King says.

"I never thought the moon would be asking the dragon for help." Ryu says smirking.

"I do not have time for games nor insults Ryu." The Lunarian King says with a bellowing voice.

"Very well." Ryu says calmly. "I will take part in one battle myself and slay this warrior. After that you are on your own." He adds.

"I am in your debt." Says the Lunarian King.

"I shall turn in for the night." Ryu says walking away from the Lunarian King who is left silent.

"My lord..." Says an old man walking next to the Lunarian King. "Can he really be trusted?"

"I don't know. Nobody does, that man's mind is completely air tight and no one is capable of reading his thoughts."

"Can he truly tip the scales in the front against Solaria?" The old man adds.

"It isn't a matter if he can, he is a King and if a King wills it then it will be so." Says the Lunarian King gazing at the Dragon walk even further away. "Plus, Ryu is strong. Very strong at that, for what kind of person is capable of keeping a small nation such as Scaradia intact despite it being surrounded by six larger nations?" The Lunarian King adds.

And as the two continue to speak, Ryu begins to exit one of the large gates ready to head to the wing that he will be sleeping in. And as he passes the gate, a few Lunarian soldiers escort a man with a scar walking towards the place Ryu had just come from. Ryu paid no heed to the man and continued to walk on, ready to turn in for the night.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dragon and the Moon   Sat Mar 15, 2014 8:40 pm

Silva stared down at the letter in amazement. It was the night after the Fernidad hit, and Silva had received a letter in one of his usual dead drops that day. The fact that he had received a contract so soon after completing his last one pleased him, but only briefly. The second he turned the letter over, he saw the Royal Seal of Lunaria pressed into the wax. Someone in Castle Eira had sent this letter, and someone with access to the royal signet ring.

Had the monarch of the kingdom personally sent for him? Unlikely. By default the Kings were powerful enough to personally handle anything that needed doing. However, Silva thought, by the same token, the kings often believed that they were too powerful to do anything themselves. Perhaps the Lunarian monarch wanted him to handle something for him after all.

Most likely, the noble had made good on his promise and the King wanted to see who it was killing his nobles. After Fernidad's death, the noble had promised Silva a hearty sum of gold, and he said he would spread his name and what he had done throughout the higher classes of the city. To compensate for the fame Ryu had stolen. Nonetheless, Silva was intrigued.

The letter was similar to the one the noble had given him. It basically said, in no uncertain terms, to be at the castle gate immediately after sunset. Of course, if he wanted to, Silva could have just ignored the note. He was simply too well established in Lunari to be found, unless he wanted to reveal himself. Even the king, with all his immense power, couldn't kill someone he couldn't find. He could play it smart, and hide from this. But he was still boiling over the previous night's defeat, and decided that the smart thing wasn't the best thing in this situation. He started out for the castle.


Silva decided to arrive late. Not by much, but so that the moon was already in the sky, instead of sunset. It was a full moon this night, and no matter how many times he saw it, he still enjoyed the spectacle of watching the city light up. It was a callback to the man he used to be, but it was one part of his former self Silva didn't strive to destroy.

Of course, he love of the city couldn't possibly compare to his love of the moon. The big lunar sphere never failed to bring out his human side, especially when it was full. He stood there on the path to the castle, staring at the moon. After a few minutes, he turned and continued on his way to the palace. Something made him stop before he got there, and he muttered a prayer to Frostus.

Silva had not prayed in over five years. Clearly one of his station wasn't one to be seeking forgiveness from the gods. However, for some reason he couldn't explain, he felt he should pray to Frostus for protection before meeting with the monarch. He had never prayed to Frostus before, and had no idea why he chose Frostus now, but he did, and then he continued on to the palace.

He was stopped at the gates of course, and asked for his identity.

"I am the Dark Moon." Silva replied calmly. The guards instantly fell into a circle around him, and began to escort him, not too gently, toward the throne room. Silva had never actually been inside of Castle Eira before, and the sheer size and beauty of the place awed him. But, ever the professional, he didn't show his emotions on his face. They came to a large gate that would lead directly to the throne room, as another man came out, headed toward what had to be the housing wing. It was a man with white hair.

Silva and Ryu Shinra locked eyes for a split second, and what he saw there brought his previous anger back tenfold. Shinra's eyes showed no recognition at all. No emotion, similar to Silva, lay there in those eyes. However, whereas Silva tried to make himself impossible to read, Shinra still had one emotion blatently obvious there. Indifference.

How he wished he could reach out an rip one of those eyes right out of their socket! Silva actually blinked a few times at that. Did he really just think of gouging a man's eye out? Was he really stooping that low? He may be a hardened killer, but he was still human, and refused to stoop to such brutal and uncivilized methods. This was the second time in as many days he had conflicting thoughts, and was determined to sort through them, assuming he was left alive.

He entered the throne room, and he immediately saw several important military leaders gathered in the room, likely there so that the king could at least give some subtle form of military power to show Shinra. Now that Shinra was gone, the people in the room just didn't seem to care anymore. And at the head of the room was the monarch himself.

Shrouded in a sillouette of darkness, the Leader of Lunaria only appeared to those he wished to show his real self too. To everyone else, they saw the black outline. He radiated power, and Silva knew immediately that he didn't want to fight. The king motioned for the remaining people in the room to leave, and the pair were the only ones in the room.

"Greetings, Silva Darkmoon." The great king spoke. Traditionally, it was an honor for the king to speak to the commoner first, but Silva didn't make any indication of any kind that he was honored. "You are quite brave, or perhaps foolish, to come directly to the castle, where your greatests enemies in the military reside. Either way, it is good you have come."

"Could we please skip the formalities?" Silva asked bluntly.

The king actually gave a little laugh before replying. "Foolish then, mister Darkmoon, for you are the only person I have ever known to dare speak to me like that." SIlva remained passive.

"Why did you call me here? I don't have time for your games, nor insults."

"Cutting right to the chase then, aren't we? Very well. I was curious to see who the mongrel who killed one of my high standing citizens was. There have been rumors going around that if any would like to contact you, they simply need to draw the symbol you have adopted for yourself on a letter, and it will make it's way to you. And here you are." Silva couldn't see the monarch's face, but he was certain it was locked in a smile.

"Yes, here I am. You're going to kill me now, aren't you?"

"That was the plan, yes. If you could kill a nobleman at his own party, the public would be in an uproar, no one would thought safe, you would be the most feared name on the streets, except my own of course."

Silva allowed himself a small smile. Something wasn't adding up here. "You want me dead, but yet we continue to converse with civility. I know you could likely strike me dead without much effort, oh high soveriegn, but you won't do so."

"Correct. GAURDS!" Five guards came into the room. The way they marched in unison, as well as the ranks on thier sleeves, indicated they were mere squires. Silva smiled again, now he knew something was up.

Silva made no moves as they surrounded him, nor showed any signs of aggression. His eyes were working furiously, taking in each opponent and sizing them up, seeing the best way he could take them down. The stood in a circle aaround him, drew their weapons, and attacked.

Silva burst into motion. He ducked under a sword and delievered a blow to the abdomen. Then he was forced to jump as another soldier stabbed toward him. At the length of the stab, Silva grabbed the man's are and spun behind him, hearing the satisfing crack of bone as he spun. He kicked the man into another, and the two men who hadn't engaged came at him. He ran at them, and slid under their blades, grabbing one's foot and knocking him down in the process. Then he came up behind the last man he had no touched, and delivered a solid chop to his collarbone, just enough to knock him out. He planted his foot on the man trying to get up, then picked up the sword of one of the soldiers and stabbed the first guy in the abdomen. His bleeding would keep him from the fight. Now that there was only one threat, he lifted the prone man's left leg, and twisted it. He wouldn't be getting up anytime soon.

"I'm disappointed," The king was saying, "you didn't kill any of them."

"Well, it was obvious this was a test. The Terran officers are often elite soldiers themselves, and Lunaria is no exception. This room was full of skilled knights and generals just a few moments ago. Why would you send these guards, who had obviously been waiting by the door for your command, when you could just have a couple of those knights cut me down in seconds?"

The King of Lunaria made a noise. It sounded halfway between a chuckle and a snort. "Valid point. In any case, you figured out I don't actually intend on killing you. I have a mission for you, and you seem to be perfectly capable of carrying it out."

"Why not just send the Wolves?"

"Because I need the Wolves over in their posting at the frontline with Heraclia. We are holding firm there, and I beilive the Wolves are one of the main reasons. Our real fight, is with Solaria, where they are actually pushing through us."

"You're asking me, one man, to push an army out of Lunaria?"

"I'm not asking anything. You will do this. I just have a few specific targets for you to assassinate. You seem to be difficult to find, getting into thier lines should be easy. Once you've found the targets, make your way back to the frontline and speak with the person in charge."

Silva noticed the monarch had used the phrasing, person in charge, rather than officer in charge. Who ranked higher than a military officer? Suddenly, he remembered how Shinra had walked out of the room as he had entered. Did the Lunarian king send him to accomplish the same task? If so, why was Silva needed?

"What happens if I refuse?" Silva asked calmly.

"I will destroy you right this second for crimes again Lunaria."

Silva actually scoffed. For some reason, he wasn't intimidated much by his king. "You are assuming I care whether I live or die. Assassins can't afford to be attached to life, considering how dangerous their position is. However, I doubt that will be neseccary, as I relish the challenge." He thought a moment on what he would need for a disguise. "Do you have any Solarian prisoners?"

The king pointed him to the dungeons and had some new gaurds escort him out. It was obvious he wasn't meant to live. The mere thought of slipping into an entire enemy army unnoticed was ludcrious. And if he had refused, the King would have killed him. The thought of taking orders from Shinra wasn't a pleasant one in Silva, but he still had some things he needed to do in life. Besides, this suicide mission actually sounded like a lot of fun.
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The Dragon and the Moon
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