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 The Diary of Fenris Anderson

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Silva Darkmoon


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PostSubject: The Diary of Fenris Anderson   Sat Mar 15, 2014 10:03 am

20 February 989- Dear diary, today I went for a hike in the mountains, and discovered an old game trail. It appears to wind up the mountains, and no doubt leads somewhere promising. I will investigate further tomorrow.

21 February 989- Dear diary, I investigated the trail today, and found nothing of interest. I only traveled halfway down the path, and the lack of signs of game does not dishearten me. I will continue to travel the path.

22 February 989- Found an abandoned cave.

23 February 989- I nearly died today. I suddenly discovered the reason why no animals travel down the path. In the abandoned cave I fought yesterday, I ran into signs of a wolf. About ten minutes later, I found the maker of those signs. A huge she-wolf, the largest I've ever even heard of, attacked me. She jumped on me and bit my arm. She would have torn it off too, had a stranger not jumped on her back. He managed to not only get her off me, but to also send her running back to her den. She gave him a nasty scratch on the right eye though. He introduced himself as Silva Darkmoon.

24 February 989- The situation isn't good. Silva's eye is infected, and my arm is throbbing like hell. Two kids stuck a two day journey from the city. This may be my last entry.

29 February 989- Salvation came yesterday morning. A merchant caravan from Scaradia passed by a roundabout route. They picked us up, and took us back to the city, where we are now receiving medical attention. The medics say that they can save Silva's eye, but he will always have that deep scar. He doesn't seem to mind, he keeps saying it links us together.

1 March 989- Turns out Silva is an orphan. He is a wanderer, going wherever he pleases, and believes the moon has something to do with his survival on the streets. Interesting philosophy. The medics were able to heal most of my wounds, but I feel a strange craving for meat, and my arm still throbs.

15 March 989- Silva invited me to a spar today. It turns out, we are a pretty even match. He's a lot faster than me, but I'm stronger than him. Actually, I've been feeling stronger ever since the incident in the woods. Sadly, though we are matched physically, he still beat me every time. I'll get him next time.

20 March 989- Silva and I pledged an unbreakable vow of friendship today. He said that with his eye and my arm, we are already spiritually connected together, but we should make it official. I agreed. We are now bound together as friends forever.

1 April 989- As an joke for April, I suggested to Silva that we should attempt to join the Wolves. He merely stared at me, and asked why I was joking. This surprised me. Clearly a couple 9 year olds weren't getting into Lunaria's elite fighting force.

*From this point onward, pages have been ripped out.*

14 June 992- It was my 13th birthday today, and Silva and I are still fighting. I hope he realizes I didn't mean it, I've never had a dearer friend than him. I've looked all around the city, but I can't find him. One thing I've always respected Silva for, when he doesn't want to be found, he will not be found.

16 June 992- I saw a glimpse of Silva today for the first time in 3 months. He's put on a great deal more muscle than the last time I saw him. I'm jealous. He's bound to get all the girls in the city after him in no time. Due to my shaggy appearance and condition, I have no one. He was leaving a parcel at my door.

17 June 992- It turns out Silva left a dagger at my door for a birthday gift. Just feeling it, I knew immediately it would help nullify my condition. I don't know where he got it, but I will never part from this dagger.

20 June 992- Silva approached me today, jumping out of the shadows in complete silence, scaring the crap out of me. He said we should take the military test. We weren't going to accept anything less than a Wolf. We will take the test tomorrow.

21 June 992- We took the military exam today.... and I got foot infantry squire. Silva was admitted into the Wolves on the first try, but he refused to go without me. He said that we will work every day if we have to, but I would become a wolf.

30 June 992- Military attempt #2 today. I did it! I got into the Lunarian Wolves, the most elite covert group in all Terra! They weren't thrilled about Silva turning them down earlier in the week, but he showed so much promise, they took him anyway. I get the feeling he was expecting that the entire time. We start our new lives tomorrow.

1 July 992- Being a Wolf is officially the best thing ever! We don't have any superior equipment over everyone else, but the training is far more intense. Silva is taking it very seriously. He's pushing himself to the max, so much so that the instructors actually have to intervene to avoid him hurting himself. He's wanted this a long time I guess.


10 October 995- I lost the dagger last night. It was the worst possible time to lose it. Silva stayed up all night searching the pitch black mountains for the dagger, and fed me Wolfsbane so I could control my condition at least slightly. He found it at 4 AM, training began at 5. Silva looks dead on his feet right now, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

15 November 995- We we sent into a particularly deadly war zone today. Our captain was gravely injured. The medics say they can keep him alive, but thwy are not sure if he will be fit for combat again.


23 February 996- Surprise struck today. I was elected Captain of the Lunarian Wolves. The decision struck me with a mix of honor and confusion. I know Silva is a better Wolf than me, I suspect he had a hand in this. It is funny how the promotion landed exactly on the 7 year anniversary of our meeting.

24 February 996- Turns out I was second pick for captain. Silva was nominated first, but he said to go to me because he felt his skills would be more of use as a subordinate than a leader. I don't know what game he thinks he's playing. I don't need his charity.

26 February 996- Silva and I fought today. It wasn't pretty, and I'm ashamed. I confronted him about rigging the election, and he thought he was doing me a favor. I lost my temper, and swung at him. The punch connected solidly, and he staggered back, shocked that I would attack him. I wasn't done, and came at him. He defended himself well, and he kicked my sorry ass way too easily. Now, he won't talk to me at all, and he went off into the mountains alone. I hope I can make ammends.

27 February 996- Silva came back with a sword today. I don't know where he got it, but it seems to be frost enchanted. He said something about helping a traveler, but otherwise didn't speak another word. He holds onto the thing like I do my dagger.

1 March 996- Silva still isn't talking to me, and I can't berate him for it. He work is still the best, and if I call him out, it will only be for personal reasons.

3 March 996- A thief stole my dagger today. When I told the camp it was missing, Silva walked out the camp without a word. He came back well past midnight with the damn thing. I need to keep a tighter leash on this thing.


5 May 997- Disaster struck today. Lieutenant Anders, the man in charge of the division the Wolves are in, was murdered today. Worse still, Silva is missing. He seemed to have deserted. All signs point to him committing the murder, but I don't believe it. The Wolves are Silva's life. Without us, he doesn't have anything to live for. He didn't have any reason to desert. Did he?

7 May 997- Word came in from high command. Silva Darkmoon is now an enemy of the kingdom, and must be hunted down at all costs. The hunt will mostly be conducted by the general infantry, so I won't get a chance to deal with him.


14 June 999- It's my 20th birthday, and I lost the gods damned dagger again! Aside from helping with my condition, it's the only tie I have left with Silva. I can't believe I lost it. Now, there's no one to help search for it.

20 June 999- I can't believe it. After days of searching for my dagger with no luck, it showed up at my door this morning, the night of the full moon. It was wrapped in a parcel, similar to how it was first delivered, and the sign that Silva and I thought of when we were kids. It is a Dark Moon. Did Silva find it again and somehow send it to me?


1 January 1000- The turn of the millennium, and Silva is still a wanted criminal. At this point, even I'M doubting his innocence. However, I can't allow myself to believe that he is the wanted renegade the higher ups want him to be.

23 Febrary 1000- Tonight, a Lieutenant from another company was found poisoned in the Lunarian Tavern......
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The Diary of Fenris Anderson
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