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 The Dragon and the Hydra

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PostSubject: The Dragon and the Hydra   Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:27 pm

Arriving in the castle gates, Ryu disembarked from his horse to be greeted by lines of Scaradian soldiers who now salute him. Walking towards the castle, he is approached by a Scaradian General who briefs the former regarding internal matters while Ryu was away. As Ryu arrives at his throne and rests on it, laying back and listening to the general speak, he lifts a hand gently.

"Enough, I understand enough that everything was going smoothly." Ryu says with a humble tone. "What I want to know is where the messenger is."

It was then that footsteps could be heard in the large castle as a man dressed differently from the regular Scaradian squires walked in the walk way towards the throne later kneeling at its steps.

"You called for me your highness?" The man says smiling as he bows.

"You don't waste time at all." Ryu says in a pleased tone. "How was your mission?" He adds.

Rising to stand, the man still keeps his smile as he looks at the Dragon Emperor directly at his eyes.

"It was alright, at first the king refused our initial offer and had some soldiers try and escort me out of his castle for reasons that seemed that seemed to insult him." The man says laughing.

"Oh is that so?" Ryu says staring at the laughing man.

"Yeah, it was then that I smashed those weak Magnian scu..."

"Watch your tone!" Yells the Scaradian General. "You are speaking to his majesty! At least show a little of a professional tone instead of a casual one!"

The man stares at the general with a look of confusion and then laughs.

"General, let him be." Says Ryu. "Continue." He says back at the laughing man.

"Alright alright, as I was saying before I was interrupted. I smashed those weak Magnian scum they call soldiers and I sat right back down and told the king I wasn't going to take no for an answer and presented our second offer, which he accepted mind you."

"Excellent." Ryu says smiling. "I will need you to return to Magnux and serve as a body guard to the general who shall oversee the operations..."

"But your majesty! You can't poss..."

It was then the Scaradian General was smashed head first into the ground and was grabbed by the leg and slammed aside like a rag by the other man.

"Didn't anyone tell you that it's disrespectful to interrupt someone?" Says the man as he lets go of the general's leg. "And yes, I will accept this mission your majesty!" Says the man as he bows.

"Very good, you are to take a good amount of soldiers to assist you in your mission." Ordered the emperor.

"Yes, your majesty!" Bowed the warrior as he turned to walk away.

And as the general got up and is now kneeling on one leg, he looks at the man walking away then back at the emperor.

"Your majesty...I have disgraced you before a lowly squire..." Muttered the general in shame.

"I will forgive you this one and only time." Said Ryu which shocked the general up to his feet. "That man is most likely stronger than you...for he is a man who was able to match me in terms of grace in combat."


Meanwhile, at the nearby barracks by the castle, Nelerad had just finished talking to a different Scaradian General who then walked into the barracks after nodding.

"Who is that guy?" Whispered some of the nearby Scaradian soldiers.

"That's Nelerad Kuangdi." Said a nearby warrior also dressed differently from the rest like Nelerad.

"You better remember it..." Says the warrior who now walks away.

It was then that Nelerad turned to see a warrior with long spiky black hair walk away.
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The Dragon and the Hydra
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