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 The Hydra arrives

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PostSubject: The Hydra arrives   Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:34 am

As a large group of Scaradian soldiers arrive on horseback in some mountain side in Magnux, they are greeted by a larger number of Magnian soldiers. The two commanding officers of both sides eventually shook hands and spoke for almost 20 minutes. It was then when the two finished talking that the Scaradian General ordered his soldiers to set up camp and to rest up for an hour before their operations began.

"Quite a handful of soldiers." Nelerad says smiling. "All just to keep an eye on us."

"Yeah, whatever the case go ahead and rest. You've got a separate mission correct?" Replied the general.

The two then separated to set up camp. But it was then that Nelerad stopped what he was doing and looked at the nearby mountains.

"We're being watched..." He whispered to himself. "...and it ain't a Magnian soldier." He adds as he smiles excited.
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PostSubject: Re: The Hydra arrives   Thu Mar 20, 2014 12:02 pm

As the days went by, all the Scaradian soldiers did was work most of the day and rest throughout the night. Carrying large shipments of boxed cargo onto wagons brought from Scaradia. It was later in the afternoon one day however, when the whole operation was interrupted.

"Whoa there Scaradian, that's enough shipment for the day." Said a Magnian soldier towards a Scaradian soldier.

"We haven't fully filled some of the wagons yet per our agreement, so step aside Magnian." Shrugged the Scaradian soldier.

It was then that a brawl happened and the higher officials of both sides went to try and quell the fighting. As the Magnian soldiers tried to put the blame on the Scaradians, more and more Magnian soldiers started showing up. It was then that Nelerad whispered to the commanding general of the Scaradian forces to immediately have the men apologize and that he would cause a distraction for them to get the last of the cargo and make a quick escape, and they did.

Moments later, the Scaradian forces are retreating back to make it into Scaradian borders. The Magnian Cavalry arrived late thus giving the Scaradians a head start but were soon gaining on the latter.

Seeing this, Nelerad made haste to tell the general his plan at which the general complied and nodded.

"Godspeed!" Yelled the general riding on with most of the soldiers and the cargo shipments.

It was then that the Magnians realized that a rather large portion of the Scaradian forces was diverting away from the group towards some nearby mountains, and all they did was believe it was a distraction and aimed for the cargo. But after a moment, the Magnians would soon realize that they were wrong. Boulders soon started falling in the pathways cutting troops from the rest of the group and taking out some of them as well.

Suddenly, just when the Magnians tried to press on and move the boulders, a roar was heard.

"Charge!" Roared Nelerad who was leading a group of Scaradian cavalry behind the Magnians and it was when the Magnians tried to retaliate that had they sealed their fate. From the mountains, the remaining Scaradian forces charged to destroy the Magnian forces that are now divided and when all was bad enough, the force up ahead earlier had sent troops to aid them.

"You see Magnian scum..." Nelerad said joyously as he slayed two Magnian soldiers. "We Scaradians never leave another in battle, right men?" He yelled out.

"Rah!" They yelled in unison as they continued their attacks.

And as some Magnian soldiers managed to barely escape, a lieutenant among them groaned.

"Damn Scaradians...we should have killed you when we had the cha..."

Just then he was cut short as a crescent shaped halberd had just slashed right through his right rib cage which caused the soldier to fall.

"Sorry..." Said Nelerad who was now standing in front of the fallen lieutenant, who was now looking at the other survivors get executed. "...I'm afraid I can't let you live." Says Nelerad slashing at the mans face as he smiles the whole time.
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The Hydra arrives
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