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Greetings to all! As the topic says, the site is in dire need of a GFX designer(s). Should you apply any time now, you will most likely be accepted given that you show the capabilities of GFX designing. Did I forget to mention that your position will be that of an Admin? So what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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 New Day, New Mission?

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PostSubject: New Day, New Mission?   Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:02 am

Kira awoke in the semi darkness of her home with her hand pressed in between the pages of the book she was reading last night. She hadn't meant to fall asleep when she did last night, but it had happened and she was thankful that she hadn't damaged any of the pages. She fumbled around blindly on her nightstand for her bookmark, knocking over her drink of water. It spilled on to the floor and shattered as the water went everywhere. Kira cursed softly under her breath as she forgot about the bookmark and raced to clean up the mess. She wondered if the whole day was going to be like this or if the world was just getting the bad stuff out of the way for the great day ahead of her. She hoped it would be the later. She hadn’t had a nice day in a long while and she was hoping she would be able to have a nice relaxing day with only her and a good book.

The other kingdoms were arranging an alliance and were asking Magnux for information. This is where Kira and the other spies came in and made sure the other side did not plan any treachery, so far no one had come up with anything. Kira’s mission had ended a few days ago but she hadn’t gotten home until yesterday morning. And she had spent the whole beginning of the day scrubbing the dirt and grime of travel away. Then she had to shop for food to refill her frig but she didn’t want to get too much in case her next mission ran longer than she hoped for, like her last one had. She always hated it when her missions ran longer than expected, but then again that is her fault for it. It was always in longed by her need to keep animals safe. She always had to make sure all animals were okay in whatever town she visited. And if they weren’t she had to stay and make sure they all healthy. That always took a few days to make sure she had checked every animal and sent the ones who needed help to a place where they would get it. Kira then had a hard training session to keep herself in top performance. When she finally sat down to read and relax, it was almost seven o’clock and she had fallen asleep about an hour later.

Even if it was before sunrise, Kira had no intention of trying to fall asleep again and decided to do some late night training. It had been a while she had done her training in the darkness of night. It gave her a real challenge in the dark; it wasn’t like having a blindfold on. With a blindfold, if she got scared she could take it off and everything would be okay. In the dark of night there was no turning on the lights, there was no way to erase the fear she felt. Even when she would train in the park when she was in the orphanage, she only went on the nights of the full moon so there was always light for her. It wasn’t until she was with her master did she really train in complete darkness. It was her master’s first lesson. He taught her to embrace her fear and her other emotions. Her second lesson was to control her feeling, not let them control her. His words still echoed in her head whenever she trained, “Use that everything you have to fuel that fire that drives you.” Kira was afraid but she was rarely scared. She pulled on some loose clothes for training and head out. She wasn’t going to wash when she knew she was going to get all sweaty. And not eating was going to ‘fuel the fire’ that drove her. Besides, there were times on mission when she hadn’t eaten anything and she couldn’t stop to do so.

The training ground was disserted when Kira entered, just the way she liked it.  Even after the eight years since the wolf accident she still preferred to practice alone. Lightning was deadly and should not be taken (no pun intended) lightly. She did her normal warm up of twenty sets of five pushups, ten sets of ten pull-ups, fifty crunches, and then repeat. She ran the normal seven miles and decided she was slacking a little and ran another six before she started her actually training. She pulled out her crescent moon blades and worked with them for about two hours before she added lightning to the training.

“Kira, I figured you would be here.” A voice called, walking into the training grounds. Kira almost jumped and shot the source of the sound. Everyone knew not to interrupt Kira when she was training. She turned angling her blades to ricochet the lightning towards the intruder but when her eyes landed on her commanding officer, she lowered her weapons.

“Sir, I wish you would have alerted me of your presence in a different way. I do not wish to have hurt you.” Kira said, walking over to him and greeting him with a smile. “Was there something you needed of me?” She asked, tilting her head slightly at her question.

“No mission for you if that is your question. The superiors and I think you have been working hard and it is about time you got a few days to rest.” He smiled genuinely. He had to stop himself laughing when he saw her shocked expression. This is what she was hoping for. Was this really happening or was it just a trick that was being played on her by her tired mind. “You deserve it, so go home, Kira, before that becomes an order."

"Sir, yes, Sir." Kira smiled before she ran all the way home. She immediately started a nice warm bath and grabbed her book. She did need a good day to relax, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to stop training. But maybe she would take it easy for tomorrow.
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New Day, New Mission?
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