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 The Dragon and Hydra Gracefully Dance

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PostSubject: The Dragon and Hydra Gracefully Dance   Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:03 am

As days go by after the return of Nelerad and the Scaradian forces after a retreat from Magnux, Nelerad is called to the Trial Grounds of Dragons for a decision on the actions he made causing hostility between Scaradia and Magnux. And as Nelerad arrives being escorted by Scaradian soldiers, he is left in the center of the grounds faced against the Scaradian Emperor himself. Shocked at the presence of the emperor, he kneels now immediately facing the ground.

"My lord! I did not know you would be the one giving me my trial. Forgive me for not knowing..." Nelerad said.

"Rise." Ordered Ryu.

As Nelerad stood up and faced the Dragon Emperor he closes his eyes.

"Nelerad Kuangdi, you committed an act which has caused the very nation of Magnux to see us as a potential enemy now..." Ryu spoke as everyone watches in fear at what Nelerad would be punished with.

"...however, I also understand that your actions can also be deemed worthy for good military commendations." Ryu added. "So now, while you have caused a great problem with the two empires yet did a good deed in not only saving your fellow dragons and at the same time completing your mission...You are charged with Ryukai..." Ryu said as Nelerad now stared at the Dragon Emperor who is now smiling.

Everyone was in fear, for a Ryukai was known as "A duel of dragons" in Scaradia and what's more, for Nelerad, a duel against the strongest dragon; the emperor himself. For Nelerad however, he couldn't help smiling at the diabolic plan that he could read from Ryu's mind.

"With Honor and Grace, I accept!" Nelerad said smiling as everyone's eyes widen and with that the whole crowd of Scaradians move farther back to watch as the Dragon Emperor smiles and throws his cape aside and Nelerad being given his personal weapon, they both bow. And with that, Nelerad charges at Ryu, thrusting his halberd only to be avoided. Nelerad however turned to spin and attack where he felt Ryu to be only to have his halberd caught and to see a hand thrust forwards aiming to grab his face. Nelerad barely dodges however, letting go of his halberd and looking to see the halberd thrown at him, to which he catches it and jumps aside to see the ground explode with black ice.

"Predictable." Nelerad says smiling as he charges at the Dragon Emperor.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dragon and Hydra Gracefully Dance   Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:11 am

Having declared a Ryukai, Ryu took of his cape and looked at Nelerad who was now given his personal weapon. Ryu planned for this, to create a situation where Nelerad would be tried and would be given the opportunity to rise the ranks by displaying his skills which would be a good reason for a promotion. And as the battle went underway, Ryu is attacked by Nelerad who thrusts his halberd forward aimed for Ryu's heart, to which Ryu turns aside and begins to dodge all the attacks Nelerad throws at him only to catch the halberd and aim to grab Nelerad's face, to which Nelerad avoids. Ryu smiles as he sees Nelerad rise to his feet after avoiding his attack.

"Predictable." is what Nelerad said smiling as he charged again at Ryu.

It was then that Ryu also charged forward to strike only to strike an afterimage. Ryu remains calm from this and turns waving his hand, summoning a wall of water only to see light blue spheres of light get engulfed in the wall of water which then explode, freezing the water and causing an explosion of icicles.

"Not bad." Ryu said emerging unhurt as he waves his hand upwards summoning walls of fire which rush at Nelerad.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dragon and Hydra Gracefully Dance   Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:28 pm

Dodging the walls of fire one after another, Nelerad begins to slow down.

"You always hated opponents getting close to you didn't you?" Smiled Nelerad as he dodged the last wall of fire. "Perhaps because close range may be your weak..."

It was then that Nelerad had lost sight of Ryu and was suddenly thrown forward into the ground face flat. Nelerad immediately got to his feet yet felt the pain from being thrown.

"Weakness? Close range?" Ryu questioned in a sarcastic manner. "Have you forgotten that close range is my forte?"

"Haha! I guess so my great emperor!" Laughed Nelerad as he rushed at Ryu only to suddenly be stopped at his feet to see tendrils of darkness retrain his legs. "Tsch...You never intended on using just two kinds of elements against me did you?" Questioned Nelerad.

"Who said I wouldn't?" Answered Ryu.

It was then that Nelerad closed his eyes and smiled and stabbed his halberd to the ground and knelt.

"I yield." Said Nelerad. "Three elements from you is still too much for even me."

It was then that Ryu waved his hand causing the dark tendrils to vanish. He then walked in front of Nelerad and tapped his head.

"Nelerad Kuangdi, you are hereby promoted to the rank of lieutenant immediately due to the display of bravery and honor you have shown here today." Said Ryu. "And to all my Scaradian brothers!" Yelled Ryu. "Our time draws near! Will you aid me in the coming months to prepare for our glory?"

It was then that Nelerad smiled as he rose to stand beside Ryu and stared all around at the roaring Scaradians cheering their emperor. Showing him that they are behind him every step of the way.

"This is the man I will follow even to the depths of the hell." Thought Nelerad. But as he was about to smile, he noticed two silhouettes watching from a distance where only a few Scaradians were standing.

"Hmph." Smiled Nelerad. "I don't think you two need to take the stage just yet...right?"
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PostSubject: Re: The Dragon and Hydra Gracefully Dance   

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The Dragon and Hydra Gracefully Dance
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