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 One Rainy Night

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PostSubject: One Rainy Night   Mon Mar 31, 2014 5:25 am

Kira held the injured baby rabbit close to her chest, trying to keep it dry from the down pouring rain. She had found the little guy almost limping as it tried to move out of the rain. Kira herself was already soaked to the bone. She was almost regretting taking this mission on now. Was she insane to think she could actually do this with a storm coming on through the mountains? At least she was able to save the bunny she was now clutching, or was able to help it. She couldn’t say she actually saved it until she was able to get it to a nice dry place to check and care for the wound on its hind leg. At least she could say it wasn’t bleeding anymore. The red blood on its gray fur was hard to see a little but she knew she had stopped the flow. It was hard to see in the harsh downpour, there had to be a cave or something close by. She just had to find one, and soon before it was too late for her little friend.

*Flash Black*

“We are sorry to call you off your vacation on such a short notice, Kira.” The man at the head of the table said. The other men watched her every move. They were not nervous of her behavior; Kira had proven herself loyal to Magnux countless times over. She would always follow her missions down to a T. There was no possibility that she would ever betray her county and orders. The reason why they were watching her was because she was unnaturally attired in a blue and white poke-a-doted spaghetti strapped dress that fell on to her knees. No one had seen her dressed in such girlish clothes since she was a young girl in the orphanage. She was always in her slim black outfit just in case a sudden case came and she was needed at the last minute.

“There is no need to be sorry, Sir. I am at your call whenever you need me.” She said. The men nodded knowing this was going to be her response. Her first concern was always towards her country. “What is it that you needed of me?” Kira took a seat at the table and she was handed a small folder. She opened it up and held back a gasp at the contents. “Sir, forgive me for questioning this mission, but Silva Darkmoon? Do you really think I am strong enough to catch a man with a track sheet like his?”

“You just need to find his location, Kira.” The man at the head said. Kira took a small sigh of relief. She was still on edge about who she would be going after but if her superiors thought she could handle finding him, then she would have to trust them. She flipped though the rest of the information they had. “Your job is solely to find him if you can. If you do, you will tell the army and they will be the ones to take him in. However, do not be discouraged if you cannot. He has been hidden for quite some time; you will not just walk into him randomly. Are you clean on your objective?”

“Sir yes, Sir. I will leave tonight and head towards the mountains.” Kira said, pushing back from the table. “Thank you for this opportunity.” Kira gave a proper bow before she left the room ready to start her mission.

*End Flash Back*

Kira tried to dry her face with her soaking sleeve but it wasn’t working like she wanted it to be. She stopped, trying to see through the sheets of rain for some sort of cover, even if it was just a small cover made from trees or something like that. She tried to remember, on her many other missions over these mountains, if there were any caves nearby, not that she knew where she was at this moment anyway. She sneezed and it scared her. How was she supposed to help this innocent animal if she got sick? That wouldn’t work at all. She looked around quickly and just when she was about to give up hope, she saw it. It was only a small cave in the side of the mountain, but it was something. She darted into the small area and found it larger then it appeared to be from the outside. She rested the rabbit down on what looked to be a comfortable space. Kira took a closer look at the rabbit’s leg but the light was terrible, she needed a fire.

“I’ll be right back, little one. I need to get some fire wood before I can tend to you.” Kira whispered standing and looking outside the cave. There was no way she would be able to find dry wood in this rain, everything was soaked.  Not even her lightning would be able to light it if she was able to collect anything. She felt worthless right now. She couldn’t do her mission; she couldn’t help her little friend. All she could do was sit down and wait in the cold cave for the rain to stop. However, the cave wasn’t as cold as she thought it should be. She felt a soft heat on her back. Kira turned and almost wished she hadn’t.

Just behind a fire was a huge white wolf. It might have been up to a grown man’s waist if it stood. It was lying up on its side, its tail curled up around its hind paws. Its eyes were closed but Kira knew the beast was not yet asleep. Ever since Kira once killed a wolf, she was very uneasy around the breed. She desperately wanted to apologize to its kin for its wrongful death but she didn’t know how she could. Although the large white animal was intimidating, it was the other person in the cave that made Kira reach for her twin blades.

He was sitting on a rock looking at her over his right shoulder, his hands held up to the fire to keep warm. His black hair was short barely making it to his shoulders, but it might have been longer if it was brushed. It was so unkempt that one would believe that he had been living in these mountains. His eyes were staring at her and nowhere else. Kira could see that they were a bright blue, a beautiful sapphire blue, but in the light of the fire they looked brown almost red. He was lean but not muscle less, she could easily see his muscles under his dark leather armor like clothes he wore. They were perfectly dry so Kira knew he had missed the rain outside. On any other occasion, Kira would have thought this man before her extremely attractive. She could not and would not deny this fact, but when her eyes made out the scare going over his right eye, she knew it meant no good. She had found the person who she had been sent to find, the one and only Silva Darkmoon.

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Silva Darkmoon


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PostSubject: Re: One Rainy Night   Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:09 am

Silva had found the flower patch he sought early in the morning, and since he knew there would be know way to get far before the storm hit, he collected some of the flower's sweet healing nectar and decided to play with an old friend to wait out the storm. That was what had brought him to the cave.

His canine friend was waiting for him, like she always seemed to when he paid her visits. It was almost as though she knew when he was coming. Silva reached into his pack, pulled out the meat he had brought specifically for her, and fed the great wolf. It was the same wolf who he had saved Fenris from  eleven years ago. The very fact she was still alive and seeming to be in her prime was proof enough that she was not a normal wolf.

After the attack, he had sought the creature out. He had earned her respect by fighting her off, but the beautiful creature was still wary of him. It had taken time, but he had eventually befriended the wolf, and still occasionally came to see her when he had something particularly troubling on his mind. Fenris's return definitely qualified.

After he fed her, he had then quickly run out and collected as much firewood as he could before the rains started. Rain in the Lunarian mountains was deadly, and Silva had no intention of dying. He had then mixed the nectar into a basic potion, and drank it. His cold was immediately cured, and he set about waiting the storm out in the cave.  The wolf actually lied down on her side next the fire, grateful for the warmth.

Hours passed, Silva spent them by talking to the wolf. He relayed his innermost thoughts (which shall not be repeated here), and confessed his deepest fears to her. It was almost as thought the great beast could absolve him of his doubts and fears just by listening. Perhaps that was the beauty of having someone to talk too.

The sun was setting, and the temperature started dropping when he heard a noise. There was a the telltale pitter-patter of footsteps. Silva could tell that whoever was making them was very lightfooted and used to not being heard. Silva himself could barely hear them, but you didn't get far in his line of work by not noticing the smallest details. It was then that he heard a girl's voice.

“I’ll be right back, little one. I need to get some fire wood before I can tend to you.”

Silva looked over his shoulder, raising his hands to make it look like he was keeping warm, but in reality getting his hands within easy reach of his pouch, where he could reach his throwing knives. He had a few in his pouch, but he preferred to throw the heavier daggers in his boots and cloak.

She was a pretty girl. She couldn't be out of her teens yet, but it was very clear she was experienced with her feet. She was relatively small, but based on her footsteps, Silva knew that she worked covert ops like he had. She was leaning over an injured bunny, and was reaching for her weapons.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Silva said. Quick as lightning, he pulled out one of his throwing knives and threw it at her, grazing her clothes but intentionally missing. He felt no remorse for attacking this young girl. She was obviously not Lunarian, and must have been looking for him, or otherwise spying on the country. He didn't know why an enemy country would take an interest in him, so he suspected the latter. People who came this far into the mountains were either up to know good, or just plain stupid. And everyone knew it was a deathwish to stay out in the rain.

Then she sneezed.

Silva felt guilty all of a sudden. He stopped seeing her as an enemy and saw her for what she really was, a girl in need of warmth and rest. He sighed.

"Foolish girl." He said, "You're very lucky I was in this particular cave, else you might have never gotten warm." She looked confused by his sudden change of personality. The wolf stirred behind him, interested, but not enough to move from her spot by the fire.

"You might want to take those off." He suggested, indicating her black outfit. The look he got in return was not unlike the looks he had gotten from widows he had created. He didn't care.

"Look," he began, "you clearly aren't from around here. The mountains are deadly. You're lucky to find any source of water in the open air that isn't frozen, and at night, it becomes so bitterly cold you will forget what the warmth of the sun feels like. Rain is death here. Blizzards, you can handle, but when it rains like this? Oh that's a bad day. The rain freezes when it hits the ground, making ice on top of the snow. You'd be lucky to walk a meter before you slipped and fell, and there are a fair number of cliffs around here. Most important though, is the need to stay dry. Soaked as you are right now, you won't live through the night, even if you threw yourself into the fire. So, you can either take off your wet clothes and dry off, or die."

She still made no move to do anything. Silva sighed. The girl was stubborn, that much was certain. His cloak was laying on the floor a few meters back, so he took off his jerkin, and handed it to her.

"If you want to save your modesty, put this on." He became suddenly aware that he had nothing on underneath. His entire upper body was completely exposed, and the wind blowing into the cave chilled him. But he was Lunarian, and he had a natural resistance to cold. He was also bigger than her, and more accustomed to nights like these. He would be alright. "It still probably wont be enough, but at least it will help keep the cold out. Just stay near the fire, and you should be okay." I hope, he added in his private thoughts.

The girl was looked at him, with an expression he couldn't quite place. Then she took the jerkin, and put it on over her soaking clothes. It was big on her, but Silva was satisfied. She walked over to the fire, immediately grateful for it's warmth. While Silva went over to the rabbit, to check on it's condition. It had a terrible leg wound, but the girl had down a good job stopping the blood flow. He would need to bandage it to prevent infection, but there wasn't much else she hadn't already done. He pulled out his first aid kit, and bandaged the tiny creature, then brought it over to the fire.

Silva sat down. It was time to find out more about his unexpected visitor.
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PostSubject: Re: One Rainy Night   Mon Mar 31, 2014 9:24 am

"You might want to take those off." He said. Kira hide her shock and replaced it with angry disgust. What was this man thinking? What could possibly on be on his mind in a situation like this? If he thought she would just disrobe herself in front of a random stranger, let alone him, he had another thing coming. However, she knew she could not attack him for many reasons. One, he was much stronger than she was and they both knew it. Second, he knew the territory better than she did. He had the home field advantage. Lastly, the white wolf would probably rise to his defense if she attacked, and she did not want to hurt such a beautiful creature.

"Look," he began, "you clearly aren't from around here. The mountains are deadly. You're lucky to find any source of water in the open air that isn't frozen, and at night, it becomes so bitterly cold you will forget what the warmth of the sun feels like. Rain is death here. Blizzards, you can handle, but when it rains like this? Oh that's a bad day. The rain freezes when it hits the ground, making ice on top of the snow. You'd be lucky to walk a meter before you slipped and fell, and there are a fair number of cliffs around here. Most important though, is the need to stay dry. Soaked as you are right now, you won't live through the night, even if you threw yourself into the fire. So, you can either take off your wet clothes and dry off, or die." Kira made no intent to move. This man was being very conning saying it would save her life if she stripped. If this brute of a man wanted her out of her clothes then he would have to cut them from her dead body. Silva sighed and took off his own shirt and held it out to her.

"If you want to save your modesty, put this on." Kira had to force the blush not to appear on her face. The man before her, no matter how many bad rumors he had surrounding him, no matter her mission, could not be described as anything less than a gorgeous. She pushed away the thoughts of running her hands across his skin. This man was basically her enemy; she should not be having thoughts of him like she was. "It still probably won’t be enough, but at least it will help keep the cold out. Just stay near the fire, and you should be okay." Kira looked at him in a hesitant untrustworthy anger sort of glance before she took his shirt and put it over her own clothing. She wasn't going to disrobe herself, but she was going to welcome the dry clothing. It was way bigger on her then she thought it was going to be but it felt good. She walked over to the fire, thankful she had met come into the cave.

She then noticed Silva walk over to the little bunny and she almost yelled at herself for thinking of her need for warmth before the helpless creatures. She watched as he looked over the fragile creature. He better not be hungry or he was going to be fried. To Kira’s surprise, he pulled out a first aid kit and bandaged the rabbit’s leg before bring it over to the fire and the warmth. He sat down and looked at her. She instantly reached out for the rabbit and took it from his hands, not completely trusting him not to eat it. Her hand grazed his and she felt his cold calloused skin. She almost regretted taking his shirt when he was just as cold as she was, but he had offered it to her and she wasn’t going to give it until she was warm or leaving. She let her eyes ghost over his body, only stopping when she met his eyes. She tried her best to ignore the blush that she knew was on her face and tried to imagine that he had not seen it, when she knew he did. She took the rabbit close to her, giving it as much of her warmth as her body could.

“T…Thank you.” Kira whispered after a while, rubbing her nose into the rabbit’s soft fur, brushing back its ear ever now and then. “For helping my friend here, that is. My clothes don’t allow me to carry very much. I usually don’t need a first aid kid when I’m traveling.” Kira looked at the white wolf and noticed its eyes were open and watching her. She hoped it wouldn’t killer her.

“I was nothing.” Silva shrugged tossing another log onto the fire. Kira welcomed the added heat that blazed up against her face. “You are lucky it was the animal that got hurt and not you. What are you doing up here anyway? You should have turned back as soon as it started raining. You are pretty stupid to be going through this type of weather with no first aid kid.” He looked at her, not really expecting an answer. Kira pulled the bunny in closer to her. It was the only thing she could feel comfort in at this moment. She looked back into his eyes and couldn’t help but shiver. His eyes were just so blue, it reminded her father’s.

“I couldn’t turn back. I’m on a mission and they are expecting me in Lunari tomorrow. I cannot delay.” Kira said as if she was talking to a superior. She could not tell this man her whole mission but after everything he has done for her, it seemed rude not to answer his questions. “I was hired to find the location of…” Kira hesitated. She couldn’t say “I was hired to find you”. She had to think of something else to tell him but it would be wrong to lie to her host. The awkwardness of this situation was starting to make Kira uncomfortable. She was really debating this internal struggle when it seemed that he got who she was after.

“I see. So, what are you supposed to do when you find this person?” He asked. Kira smiled for some reason. She didn’t know why but she did. She felt really strange to be sitting with her target, talking about trying to find him. She also remembered that her commandeered did not think she would just run into him, which she had done. This whole situation was almost laughable.

“I’m sorry but that information is classified.” Kira said stroking the sleeping rabbit in her arms. “I don’t want you put an innocent in danger with this information, but I am not even expected to find him. He is supposed to be really smart and know how to get out of anything. I was the only one called out because of my expertise.” Kira said her final word in such a way that made both of them laugh. Kira forgot everything that she had heard about the man in front of her and let her nerves relax. “Oh, I know who you are, but you don’t know me. Where are my manners? Here I am, telling you classified information, while wearing your shirt, and you don’t even know my name. My name is Kira, Kira Akuma.” She said, holding the rabbit in one arm and reaching out her other to shake his hand. He took it with a smile.

“It is nice to meet you, Kira.”
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Silva Darkmoon


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PostSubject: Re: One Rainy Night   Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:34 am

Silva had to admit, this girl was definitely not what he had expected from an enemy spy. She was too gentle and small to appear to be a threat, but her physique and mannerisms told otherwise. She had the potential to be dangerous.

When she had come in, soaked to the bone, her wet clothes revealed most of her body to him. He could tell her muscles were taunt and that she was much stronger than she looked, her small frame could be deceiving. However, he had been the same way. He was always a bit on the small side, but due to his rigorous life and obsession with training, he was also muscular. A fact he was quite aware of as he sat shirtless in the cave. He had no fat whatsoever, and hoped he wasn't intimidating her, he had other methods of doing that.

All in all, she couldn't have been in intensive training for more than five years. Silva imagined what would happen if had trained with him, and didn't like what he saw. A foe that strong and subtle is not someone he wanted as an enemy, despite the fact that he was strong and subtle himself. Silva had been trained intensively for eleven years, and had been doing similar things since even before that. He was certain he could overpower her if it lead to a fight. She was a spy, not an assassin.

However, she was also either stubborn or stupid. His jerkin would help keep the cold out, but the storm continued to get worse, and it wasn't even fully night yet. The temperature would drop to less than a third of what it was now, and it was already below freezing. This much he knew. If she didn't take off her still wet clothes, she would either die, or get sick. Even from here, he could see she was beginning to shiver again.

She was introducing herself. "I'm Kira, Kira Akuma."

Silva took her outstretched hand, and kissed her knuckle, like one would when addressing a Lady. It occurred to him that he had never been to Magnux, and he wasn't sure of their customs. He hoped she saw it as a civil movement.

"It is nice to meet you Kira. As you no doubt know by now, I am the infamous Silva Darkmoon." He said, with a hint of a smile. In the three years he had been a criminal, he had hardened himself to become as emotionless as possible, and never let them show. However, if there was any place were Silva Darkmoon seemed like a normal person, it was here, in the mountains. "And you don't need to hold the rabbit so far away from me. I'm not going to eat it."

Kira managed to laugh at that. "Well, you can never be too sure."

"Yeah, after all, everything you know about says I am an inhuman killer who apparently has no regard for the lives of living things, am I right?" The was she shifted was answer enough. "Well, you'll be pleased to know that is only partially right. I am a killer. However, I am most definitely human. The very fact you are sitting there, wearing my armor proves it."

At this, a cold wind rushed through the cave, nearly putting out the fire and chilling Silva. He flexed his body to help generate heat, then released a single shiver. Then it was back to normal. Almost. The cold gust had affected Kira much more than Silva, and she was shivering violently.

Acting impulsively, he wrapped his left arm around her, so that her head rested on his elbow, between his forearm and bicep. Was that a blush he saw? He didn't care. He needed to warm her up, and his body heat was the fastest way to do it. The great wolf finally stood up, padded over to them, and curled around them. Kira was surrounded on all sides by warmth, Silva, the fire, the rabbit, and the wolf.

However, Silva had been in this situation before, with Fenris. As long as the water was in her clothes, and those clothes were on her body, the heat wouldn't stay. The leather just wasn't a good enough insulator. However, he knew that if he told her this, she would likely just yell at him.

She seemed nervous about the wolf. He decided to cheer her up.

"She likes you," he said. "It took three weeks for her to be comfortable enough to pad up to me like this. You must have a way with animals."

"What makes you say that?" She asked.

"Well, clearly by her size, she is not a normal wolf. She attacked my friend eleven years ago and is still around. I believe she is a spirit of some kind, because she seems much wiser and stronger than any mortal beast."

"I don't think she is a Wolf Spirit, or else she wouldn't come this close to me. I killed one when I was young."

"Oh," Silva said, quietly. "Well, perhaps this is a sign of forgiveness." With that, he felt the temperature continue to drop, and looked over his shoulder to see that the night had begun proper. It would be a long and cold night. And the majority of it would have to spent keeping Kira alive.

Something about her made him uncharacteristically protective, and he would do everything in his power to make her comfortable and safe. That didn't stop the threat of Lunarian soldiers though. He doubted any would come in the rain, but there was always a chance.

He would just have to push through it and face the ordeals as they came, be it from her or nature.
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PostSubject: Re: One Rainy Night   Tue Apr 01, 2014 10:43 am

"Oh," Silva said, quietly. "Well, perhaps this is a sign of forgiveness." Kira could not describe how happy she was to finally think that she was forgiven. This is everything she had wanted for her whole life. She wanted to cry but she would never show such weakness in front of Silva, even if they weren’t necessarily enemies right now. She was going to say something when she shivered. She was freezing and even with everyone around her. She couldn’t stop shivering.

“It’s so cold.” Kira whispered, snuggling unconsciously into Silva’s chest. She felt him stiffen but she didn’t blame him. If the roles in this situation were reversed, she would be shocked too. She really wished she had brought extra clothes, but she wondered if they would have been drenched in the rain. “Is... is there an…another way to keep the cold out?” She shivered, looking up at him. He stayed completely silent and Kira knew what he meant. She needed to get out of her wet clothes.

She tried to think of something, anything to make her not trust the man that was holding her. She wanted something to make her think bad of him. He was a killer, he even said he was. He had killed his commanding officer and abandoned the army. He was a deserter and an enemy to the country. He was a hit man for heir, who probably charged more than he should have. This was their first meeting and he had already thrown a knife at her. He was a heartless killer who would take any opportunity he got to have a fight.

No matter how many times she told herself this thought it wasn’t working. He had done so much in such a little amount of time to change her mind. He had welcomed her into the cave when he could have sent her out into the freezing rain. He had given her his shirt to keep her warm when he was cold himself. It didn’t matter if he was use to the temperature or not, he was still human, and he was still cold. Even know he was holding her tightly, trying to keep her warm when he was freezing. He had helped her little friend when she couldn’t do it. He had in a way given her friendship on this dark and dreary night. It was him that had told her she was forgiven for her past evil attacks. She could no longer see a man who had done so much for her when he barely knew who she was, despite the fact that she was after him.

Kira sighed and pushed away from him, placing the bunny on the ground. She hadn’t realized he was so warm until she was away from him. He grabbed her wrist, attempting to bring her back into the warmth. “What are you doing?” He almost growled. He had called her an idiot before so she did not doubt that she was thinking of her the same way now. She got her wrist back from him. He had not held her in a strong grip like she thought he would.

“Don’t look, okay?” She asked, trying to ignore the bright blush on her face. She had never stripped in front of a male before. Back in the orphanage, there were too many kids around to have a private moment to change, but she was always careful to be around solely girls. She went to the other side of the fire, so things would not be easily seen and took off his shirt. She didn’t want to look back to see if he was watching or not. It would be too embarrassing to think of him watching her body, even though she had done it when he took off his shirt. But then again, if he wasn’t watching her, like she had asked him not to, she would have felt bad about her own body. She was small so not much to look at, but would that stop a man from looking at her? Taking a deep breath she grabbed onto the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. The cold air was terrible on her damp skin. She had to remember to add ‘cold’ on to the list of things she hated. Quickly replacing his shirt onto her body, she welcomed the dry warmth. She slid off her skirt and shorts and laid them with her shirt onto the floor to dry.

When she turned back to Silva, he was looking away from her, his hand covering his mouth. Kira could almost make out what looked to be a slight blush, but she dismissed it as the light of the fire on his skin. She stepped to the other side of the fire, picked up the bunny and hesitantly resumed her previous position of being curled up into his chest.

“I never did thank you for letting me use your shirt.” Kira whispered. “You may be a killer Silva Darkmoon, but you are also a very nice man.” Kira yawned as the run up the slippery mountain was starting to catch up to her. Training and running ten miles was one thing, running up a mountain in a heavy rain storm in freezing weather while trying to keep an injured animal safe was defiantly harder. “You are…my… friend.” Kira mumbled the last words as she fell asleep in his warm embrace.
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Silva Darkmoon


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PostSubject: Re: One Rainy Night   Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:26 am

When Kira started shivering violently, Silva knew immediately that she had reached her tolerance for the cold. She was asking him if there was any way to keep the cold out, but this was the point he had been worried about this entire encounter. If only she were a male, he thought, then this situation would be so much easier. His face remained stoic.

He could see in her face that she was debating something internally. Probably whether or not to trust him. He was an assassin after all, but he had offered her aid when she needed it. On one hand, she was probably thanking him, and on the other, she was probably hating him for feeling so helpless. She surprised him by standing up and walking away.

He grabbed her wrist, but not in a strong grip. “What are you doing?” He almost growled. She blushed a deep red.

"Don't look, ok?" Wait, what? She walked over to the other side of the fire. Through the flames, he saw her take off his jerkin. Holy shit! he thought. When she proceeded to take off her own shirt, he averted her eyes. But through his peripheral vision, he was still able to make out a rather shapely, if small, hourglass figure. Now it was his turn to blush, something he hadn't done in....... Actually, he couldn't remember the last time he had blushed.

When Kira finished, she walked back over to him, and curled back up against him. She called him a nice man, and said something that he thought sounded like "friend," and then fell asleep. He had had several women in his arms before, but none quite like this, and none who actually called him their friend.

Actually, he didn't even have any friends save Fenris. He was born on the streets, a homeless outcast to most of the populace of Lunari. He had been tortured by bullies as a child, and from a very early age started fighting back. Before puberty, he could already take out fully developed males in a street fight. That was why he was so good at fighting.

He debated telling her this when she woke up. It would be nice to talk about his past to another human, but decided against it. They were still strangers, and that was rather personal information to be sharing.

He wondered what she thought of his appearance. His intelligent blue eyes and striking features were very handsome, but his wild hair, scar, and built body made for a more intimidating look. He asked himself why he cared, but then he realized it was because she was the only friend he had made in years.

He laid like that, her sleeping comfortably in his arms against the great wolf, for a few hours, until the wolf had fallen asleep. Then he noticed the fire was dying. He sighed.

Effortlessly, he picked Kira up. He was surprised, as he hadn't picked up a women in seven years, at how incredibly light she was. Was he really that strong, or did she really weigh less than eighty pounds? He hoped and suspected the former. He carried her over to a flat section of the cave near the fire, and set her down. Then, he picked up his cloak, which still lay folded on the floor, and draped it over her. It was a makeshift blanket. He then picked up a bunch of medium sized rocks, placed them in a small circle, and put the rabbit in it, as a bed.

He placed another log on the fire. Looks like it would be another night without sleep for him. Two nights in a row was pushing his limits, but it was necessary. If he slept, the fire would go out, and they would both likely freeze to death. If it were just him alone, the jerkin and cloak would keep him warm enough to weather it comfortably. However, Kira had both and he had nothing, so the fire became much more important.

Improvising, he unstrung his bow, and hung the string between two walls of the cave. Then he picked up Kira's soaked clothes, folded them, and hung them on it. A makeshift clothesline. He hoped she wouldn't mind that he had touched her clothes. That was an argument he didn't want to have. Then he restored the fire.

The night passed by slowly and painfully for Silva. Kira slept contentedly with a smile on her face, but he was beginning to feel the cruel embrace of exhaustion, and he was finding it harder and harser to fight off. He actually began to slip into unconsciousness a few times.

Finally, dawn came. Silva took out his traveling rations and began to cook a meal for the two of them. Considering her feeling towards animals, Silva assumed Kira was a vegetarian, so he avoided using any meat. He heard her stir.

"Sleep well?" he asked. "I had to carry you over there during the night so I could tend to fire, and I set your clothes to dry. Here, have some breakfast." Something had been nagging him all night, and now he finally got a chance to ask it.

"And while you're here in Lunaria, would you agree to a deal? I could show you some of my techniques and training methods, if you don't mention you ever saw me."
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Kira awoke on the hard ground. Had she fallen out of her bed during the night? She opened her eyes and looked around the cave. She had a moment of fear going through her. She had no idea where she was. She didn’t even know if she was still in Magnux. She searched quickly, trying to find her blades, but her clothes were hanging up and her blades were still attached to them. Her eyes then fell on an extremely hot, shirtless man by the rife. Last night’s events came back to her mind and she smiled. “Sleep well?” He asked and she nodded. The white wolf was still sleeping, but the bunny was not. It was sitting on a make shift bed that Silva must have made for it, he really was a nice guy. Kira made a quick check up on the bunny’s leg. It was perfectly fine to go its own way if it rested for one more day. Kira didn’t understand how she had gotten over here, when she had fallen asleep in Silva’s arms. She tried not to think of that at this moment.

“I had to carry you over there during the night so I could tend to the fire, and I set your clothes to dry. Here, have some breakfast.” Kira took the plate that he held out to her. She was glad to see there was no meat on it, she had not told him of her vegetarianism. Kira was a little embarrassed that he had touched her clothes but she was glad he hung them up. They wouldn’t be wet when she changed back into them. Kira froze for a second thinking about it. Last night when she changed, she had the dark of night to conceal her body from him, how would she do it in broad daylight. “And while you’re here in Lunaria, would you agree to a deal? I could show you some of my techniques and training methods, if you don’t mention you ever saw me.”

“No.” Kira said immediately. Silva smiled for a second but when he realized she was not joking his smile dropped. Kira continued to eat the food in front of her. It wasn’t as good as some of the things she had eaten in Magnux, but considering it the food was fine. She was in another country which had different crops than Magnux did and besides, the one who had cooked it was in hiding from the whole country. He did not have access to delicacies. For what Silva had, it was fine tasting food. Kira noticed Silva was discretely reaching for his knives. She didn’t think he would actually kill her that would be more trouble than it was worth. Kira figured her little game was done.

She stood up, after she finished her meal and placing the plate on the ground. “Here is the only deal I will make.” She said as she retrieved her clothes. She wondered if she would be able to hide behind the sleeping wolf and change without being seen or waking the creature up. She had little to no other choice for a changing room. Maybe if she found a way to change with Silva’s shirt still on it might work. “I will not tell anyone I saw you if and only if…” She paused to look at him to makes sure he was listening. She wanted to see his reaction to her next statement. “If you come and see me the next time you are in Magnux. I’m sure someone as skilled as Silva Darkmoon can find me without getting caught.”

Kira wanted to laugh at Silva’s expression. Was it really that hard for him to understand? “Listen, I wasn’t going to tell anyone I saw you anyway. However, if you want to make a deal from it, might as well be something I want. I do not have any desire to learn your techniques and training methods. They work for you, and mine work for me. You’re my friend now, I will never betray you.” Kira was amazed when she was able to get her shorts on without exposing herself, and she quickly slipped her skirt on over. Silva seemed to understand what she wanted him to do when she looked at him with a light blush on her face, and he turned his back to her as she changed shirts. Kira was almost sad to take of the shirt. It was just so warm and comfortable, and it was like she was getting out of a pajamas.

“Why? Why should I trust you? Please, don’t take offense by the question; it’s just that we only met last night. We barely know each other.” Kira knew he was right in his logic. And if their positions were switched, she would not as quickly trust him just like he was for her. However, for her, he had already earned her trust.

“I don’t know why you should trust me but I already trust you. I had to trust you last night not to attack me besides that initial knife throw, or to kill me while I slept when you found out I was after you. You are actually one of the few people I have trusted since I entered the orphanage and was bullied by everyone when I was five.” Kira saw Silva looked at her surprised but she didn’t know why. Had he gone through similar tragedies when he was younger? Kira highly doubted that anyone would try to take him on, little kid or not. She had to hold back a laugh of thinking of a little kid Silva.

There was moment of silence between the two, but it was not an awkward silence. They took refuge in the silence of the cave. So much had happened in less than twenty four hours. After a while, Kira felt it was her time to go and she made her way to the mouth of the cave. She was drank in the warmth of the sun but before she left she heard Silva say something. She turned back, and smiled. She then ran off quickly, making her way to the capital city Lunaria. The words of Silva Darkmoon ringing in her head, “I will see you in Magnux, Friend.”
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One Rainy Night
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