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Greetings to all! As the topic says, the site is in dire need of a GFX designer(s). Should you apply any time now, you will most likely be accepted given that you show the capabilities of GFX designing. Did I forget to mention that your position will be that of an Admin? So what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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 The Awakening of Aeric

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PostSubject: The Awakening of Aeric   Fri Feb 05, 2016 6:32 am

Pain is a wonderful way to motivate, to reveal expression and intent, and to mold oneself into something else entirely. Pain is an escape. An escape from a horrid and twisted reality. The very notion of escape made Aeric smile as the sting of leather upon his skin darted across his body again, and again. Aeric had endured through menial torture methods like this for years now. They didn't bother him anymore. In fact, he enjoyed them, though he would never allow anyone to learn of this, lest they find a new method of twisting his already shattered mind. Suddenly, the lashings stopped. Aeric raised his head, and in front of him stood a tall, muscular man, with an expression that would make the bravest of warriors tremble in his wake. This man was Aeric's father, Darion. Head of the Mercenary band known as "The Demons of Rev'ar." - and they were just that. Demons. Merciless killers who care little about the lives of any who stand before them. In the end, all that mattered was the coin. Always the coin.

Darion stepped closer to Aeric, meeting him at eye level before muttering, "When will you learn, boy?" with a cold and unforgiving attitude. Aeric smiled widely, amused by the comment, before clenching his teeth in pain. He had grown accustomed to these headaches. They struck when he was under emotional and physical strain. Over the years they had worsened. This headache however, was much different. Much more. Aeric couldn't stop himself from screaming and a pain resembling a fire burned across his mind. He blacked out within seconds.

When Aeric awoke, his eyes slowly opened, expecting to still be chained to a wall within the cellar of his parents home. He wasn't. Instead, a man, and a woman knelt before him. Both of which had bags covering their heads. He heard the voice of his father boom from across the room. "You know what to do." though he could not see where it emanated from. He felt a sudden urge to lash out at the poor souls bound before him, but he restrained himself. He knew he wasn't like his bloodthirsty parents. Was he? Another voice broke the silence, though this one was of his mother, Lania. "Do you wish to remain worthless forever..?"

The words of his parents echoed endlessly within his fragile mind. His head felt like it was tearing itself apart. "I wont do it." He told himself, as he stepped back from the couple kneeling in front of him. Struggling to prevent himself from blacking out once more. It was then that he heard a third voice. "Why hold back..? They mean nothing to you. Why not have some fun with them?" This third voice came from nowhere, yet everywhere at once. There was no indication of a third person in the room aside from... Him. Aeric smiled widely as he removed the bags from the captives heads. And for the first, and last time, he saw fear within his parents eyes.
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The Awakening of Aeric
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