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We are in need of a GFX Designer(s)
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Greetings to all! As the topic says, the site is in dire need of a GFX designer(s). Should you apply any time now, you will most likely be accepted given that you show the capabilities of GFX designing. Did I forget to mention that your position will be that of an Admin? So what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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 Contract: Stress Test

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PostSubject: Contract: Stress Test   Sat Feb 27, 2016 9:39 pm

Moments after the ending of "Blink"

Aeric stood within a white room, devoid of sound. His eyes were quick to spot the single entity within the seemingly endless void, a single red flower. Aeric walked towards it rather slowly, and cautiously, as if expecting something to happen. Upon closer inspection, the petals began to fall off of the stem, and drift away in a nonexistent wind. Aeric watched as they danced around the room, until nothing was left of the flower but a small, brittle stem. For each petal that touched the floor, a small splat of red took its place, and soon, the room which had once been a spotless white, was now a canvas, coated in an entrancing pattern of deep red. Aeric looked back at the stem, only to see it shrivel away into a fine dust. It was then, that he awoke.

Aeric stood motionlessly atop the crippled husk of a body that was once Malak, the former head captain of the mercenary company that Aeric now owned. Slowly, his eyes raised to meet those of the onlookers, most of which were frozen in place by fear. They had noticed his change in stance, and slowly, the murderous atmosphere had faded into confusion. Aeric didn't bother to ask what had happened. Instead, he turned around, and walked back into his home. After sitting down by the dining room, Aeric let his mind run loose, attempting to remember the events that had taken place a few minutes prior. No matter how hard he tried, he could remember nothing.

Sighing, Aeric decided to take a look at the pile of letters that had accumulated overnight, most of which were contracts for the company. Within the pile of letters were assassinations, extortion, kidnappings, and bounties. Aeric began filing through the numerous contracts until he noticed that a bounty had been posted for a man not too far from his current location. The letter read, "WANTED: HARRIS MORGAN. MALE. 5'11. BLOND HAIR." Aeric was rather confused as to why there was no record of criminal activity. Regardless, Aeric gathered his equipment, and set out.

During his journey, Aeric could not keep a clear head. Thoughts, and fragmented memories kept bombarding his mind as he walked, and occasionally he found himself bumping into tree branches on the edge of the path as he faded in and out of consciousness. After what seemed like a drunken eternity, he fell, but felt nothing as he mentally prepared to hit the ground. In fact, he felt nothing at all. No breathing, no air movement. Aeric opened his eyes, and saw nothing, apart from a thin, red haze as far as his eyes could see. Suddenly, he felt warm, and tired. The sensation consumed him, as he swiftly fell into the lull of sleep. Or so he had assumed. What Aeric failed to realize was that he had not fallen asleep. He had lost control. Control over his own emotions, and body. Left trapped within his own mind. Blink had awoken once more.

Blink. A peculiar name, but fitting when considering his speed. He had heard the fearful whispering throughout the mercenary camp mere moments after his "dealings" with the former captain Malak. "It was over before I could blink..", "It happened in the blink of an eye...". Blink was rather upset that the captain had died so quickly. He had looked forward to playing with the former captain. During the short time since his birth, Blink had already become bored. Blink longed for blood, and a worthy opponent, but was unable to maintain control over Aeric's body for very long, thus providing very little opportunity to sate his thirst. This is why Blink take every opportunity possible to break free of his mental prison, and attempt to wrestle control out from under his counterpart Aeric. While Blink was only a mental manifestation born from endless physical and mental torture, he required vast amounts of adrenaline to remain active. While Blink had control, Aeric's body worked overtime to provide the necessary energy. Because of this, Blink was faster, and stronger than Aeric, but could only remain in this active state for a short period of time. Blink intended to waste no time in familiarizing himself with basic body movements and functions. The clock was ticking.

As Blink prepared to preform a number of stress inducing physical tests, a merchant caravan began to walk by. This was the perfect opportunity to not only find out how much stress the body could handle, but to sate Blink's unnatural bloodlust. Blink quickly analyzed the defensive capabilities of the caravan. Distance, number of escorts, equipment carried, and general stance of the escorts. He dashed without warning towards the nearest man, covering great distance in the span of a second. With a single swipe of the arm, Blink crushed the throat of his target, looking up momentarily to see the confusion in the already dead mans eyes. Blink immediately spun to a perfect angle to dash towards the next man. Blink had decided that this second man was the greatest threat. An obvious veteran. The mans stance told him everything he needed to know. The veteran had already begun reaching for his sword, eyes locked on Blink, completely disregarding the comrade who had just been dispatched, but even he was too slow. Blink reached forward with his right arm, and planted his palm onto the veterans face, pushing downward with seemingly superhuman strength. The veteran buckled immediately, surprised by the force of the push. Blink continued to push down at the perfect angle as the man dropped, and Blink dropped with him, pushing his head into the stone covered ground with over 100 pounds of force, crushing the veterans skull before he even understood what was taking place. At this point, Blink knew the 2 men still standing would be starting to react at this point. The man on the far side of the caravan had drawn his sword, and based on his posture, was going to run around the front of the caravan to engage the sudden enemy. Blink wasted no time in vaulting across the top of the caravan, flipping in midair just enough to plant his foot in the face of the sword wielding opponent. The force of the vault was enough to knock the blade out of the mans hand, and push him backwards, most likely breaking his nose in the process. Blink capitalized on this momentary loss of surroundings, and closed the short distance between the two as soon as he touched ground, scraping his hand across the exposed mans throat with enough force to tear the flesh, and expose the sweet aroma of blood, now openly flowing from the mans neck. The mans eyes lit up with fear upon realizing this, and he began to fall over. Blink was enjoying himself greatly, but was beginning to feel tired, it had been approximately 45 seconds since he began his attack, and his body was now suffering from the extreme amount of stress it was undergoing in such a short time. He still had 1 more target to eliminate before he lost control. His eyes lifted to stare into the final mans face, stiff with fear, and obviously not a man trained for combat. Blink bounded to the left, and extended his right arm, before turning on the spot, unleashing his momentum into a furious swing, knocking the man clean off of his position on the front of the caravan, and shattering his chest cavity. Before the man could even hit the ground, Blink began to fall over. His body succumbing to the immense stress. "52... Seconds.. Not enough..." Muttered Blink, as he fell back into the void of Aeric's mind. "Still... That was fun."

PS. Sorry to Xentros for ruining his dream of filling the Latest Topics page. Better luck next time. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Contract: Stress Test   Sun Feb 28, 2016 2:57 am

You... MONSTER!!
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Contract: Stress Test
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