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Greetings to all! As the topic says, the site is in dire need of a GFX designer(s). Should you apply any time now, you will most likely be accepted given that you show the capabilities of GFX designing. Did I forget to mention that your position will be that of an Admin? So what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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 Founding: A Test of Resolve

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PostSubject: Founding: A Test of Resolve   Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:55 pm

A Paladin, universally known as warriors of light, and protectors of peace. But what if the very concept of a paladin was nothing more than a lie? What if those who claimed to protect peace, and bring justice, were really the ones to blame for war, and tyranny?

7 Years ago

It was early morning when Kessix Altaran awoke. He had dreamed of standing atop a majestic tower of ivory, with the banners of Arcadia flying in the calm wind. Below him, an endless mass of people lined the streets, all of which chanted his name. All of which loved, and idolized him. All of which obeyed him. Kessix had often dreamed of such grand things, of ruling over the known world, as was his birthright. Kessix had the fortune of being born into a longstanding line of royalty, and he carried the pride of his nation upon his shoulders. "Emperor Kessix.." He whispered to himself, smiling. For many months, Kessix had been formulating plans, and simulating scenarios as to how he could accomplish his ultimate goal of ruling all of Terra, but each time, he came to the realization that his plans would never work. Of course he would never openly admit these plans to anyone, for he had to ensure that he was seen as a kind, and loving person by all, lest anyone consider attempting to overthrow his reign. "That must never be allowed to happen." He muttered under his breath, before suddenly looking up. His mind began racing. Every king has a royal guard. They would act as a perfect disguise! Who would suspect the royal guard to be acting as a private army? He jumped out of bed, hardly able to contain his excitement. His true reign would start soon.

A few days later

Kessix had spent the last few days assembling the best soldiers from each division, giving no reason as to why the men were required, only stating that he would be taking them under his own command. Kessix had gathered 25 men, all of which had proved themselves in various ways. He could see that the men were confused as to why they had been gathered, but none of them spoke, lest they lose the favor of the King. Kessix stepped forward. "Each of you who stand before me have proven your worth through your years of service, and for your loyalty, have been rewarded." He could see the men's expressions change to a more intrigued state as he spoke. "You have been selected to become my very own royal guard, Should you survive a simple test of resolve." A few of the more hardened men grinned. Nobody outside of the royal family had ever seen Kessix fight, and had no knowledge of his magical aptitude. They didn't think that the king was anything more than a weak noble. Kessix was in fact a highly skilled swordsman, and a very proficient Holy magic user. Kessix ordered the men before him to line up, and step forth one at a time. He handed each man a letter, before dismissing him, and calling forth the next man. Each letter contained specific orders to return to this very hall at the specified time. Each letter contained a different time. After each man had received his letter, the hall quickly emptied. Kessix sat on his throne, smiling widely. His plans were coming into fruition.

A short time later, the first man entered the royal hall, and Kessix was ready, and waiting. Instead of his usual white and gold robe, he donned a magnificent set of gold plate armor, decorated with silver embedding. In his hands, was the Arcadian blade of kings, Dawn's Edge. A rather normal looking broadsword at first glance, but to those trained in magic, the blade was overflowing with Holy energy, infused by the dying breaths of each previous King. The soldier whom had just entered the palace stood before the King in awe. "Kneel." Muttered Kessix. The soldier obeyed without hesitation. "Grant me your heart, and I will grant you the power of my Order. Grant me your soul, and I will grant you the honor of serving me. You shall carry out my will without thought, and destroy those who dispute my claim." said Kessix, before thrusting his sword into the mans chest. The blade tore through his body like a knife through butter, yet there was no blood. Instead, when Kessix removed the blade, only a scar in the shape of the Holy Arcadian Empire remained on his skin, hovering over his heart. This process was repeated for each of the 25 men. After the entirety of the process, only 12 remained. The rest had not been capable of receiving the Kings power, and were reduced to nothing more than particles of light, quickly reabsorbed by the blade that had killed them. The 12 men knelt before Kessix their faces remaining neutral, as Kessix himself stood, smiling.


"Rise, my Paladins."
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Founding: A Test of Resolve
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